Megan Diaz Alley is the winning choice for Santa Barbara. She is committed to making our city a better place for residents and visitors to work and play. She brings a strong understanding of our neighborhoods, businesses, community organizations and local government. Megan will embrace both opportunities and challenges head-on. 

Megan's priorities include public safety, a clean environment, sustainable planning and ensuring that the City supports family businesses, local entrepreneurs and encourages job creation.

Listen to Megan's recent radio interview on KCSB!

Listen to Megan's recent radio interview on KZSB!

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Megan's Priorities:

  • ​​​Vibrant and safe neighborhoods

  • Healthy economy and sustainable environment

  • Safe and efficient transportation

We have scheduled several meet-and-greets for you to come out to hear from Megan and to ask questions important to you and your community. If you are interested in attending, please ​contact Kelley at 805-626-0114 or for more information. Check back often as we will be adding upcoming events.

Upcoming Events